Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busey To Make 2012 Run

Gary Busey, who campaigned all year for Vice Presidents Dick Cheney's run for the white house, has thrown his cap in for a run in 2012.  

Back in February 2007 Busey became the unofficial Secretary General of the Dick Chaney Campaign, when he pulled into a Bob's Big Boy in Van Nuys, California.
The star of such films as "Hider in the House" and "The Buddy Hollie Story," rolled into the parking lot in what a witness described as : an out of date school bus painted in psychedelic colors. "This is it baby! You can't stop the bear from growling!" Busey yelled to a crowd of confused restaurant patrons as he did a summer-salt from from a bus window. The rally really took off after Busey had collected all the abandoned cigarette butts he could find on the ground and ran back to the bus with a can of paint.

"Hey McCain, Busey began as a crowd of curious onlookers gathered. :You have got Straight Talk Express, well this, this here is the Death Talk Express!" At this point Busey used what remained in his paint can to write the word "death" on the side of his bus.
"We're gonna put Cheney in the White House in this Bus! Were riding around the country and where do we stop? Pennsylvania Ave Baby!" Busey's speech did inspire one sad man who turned out to be former actor Dan Aqroyd. After telling the manager he wouldn't be washing any dishes tonight, Aqroyd threw away his apron and joined the Death Talk Express.
After a hard campaign in which Dick Cheney got zero votes Busey announced he would run for the Republican nomination in 2012. 
Busey as always will be traveling with his trusted friends: A stuffed bald eagle, and a skull of a Jaguar which he believes to posses magical powers.       

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